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Appliances cover laundry, cooking, floor care, refrigeration and dishwashing machinery. Sooner or later they will, through natural wear and tear, overuse, faulty electrical components, etc., end up in the recycling graveyard.  The one appliance you’re most likely to have trouble with is the one you can’t do without – the washing machine. Here follows some troubleshooting hints and tips to help you – just in case. 


If It Stops Mid-Cycle 


First ensure that the plug hasn’t shaken itself free of the socket because of the vibrations. Try changing the fuse in the plug.  If that fails, see if the machine will work on another program. If that doesn’t work, you may well need to call out your local bonded expert and HVAC specialist, Connell Plumbing, Cook County IL.. They’ll be on hand to rescue you with their 24-hour emergency plumbing service. 


Make It Safe 


If you’re still having no joy then just leave it alone. Don’t fiddle with it you may unwittingly void the warranty covering it by not being a qualified engineer or technician. Check your warranty. Switch the appliance off at the mains and remove the plug from the socket. When you switch off any electrical equipment and the plug remains in the socket, electrically will still pass down to the appliance. The safest way is to switch off and pull the plug out of the socket completely.  


Drainage Issues 


If you find your appliance doesn’t drain then the problem is likely to be a blocked filter.  Remember to drain the machine before removing the filter otherwise you may flood your kitchen or utility room. If you manage to find the filter and discover that it isn’t blocked then you’re likely to need professional help.  


Door Refuses to Open 


Another common and frustrating fault is when the washing machine door won’t open. This tends to occur when the water hasn’t been pumped out. The safety locking mechanism prevents the door from opening when the drum is still full of water. If the water has been pumped out and the door still won’t open, it may be due to a faulty door mechanism.  


Noisy Spin Cycles 


Noisy spin cycles are usually caused by worn ball bearings inside the drum.  One tip is to see if there are any rust stains under the machine. Nudge the spindle to see if it is loose. If all is in order, then it could be that other parts are loose inside the machine. Also check with a spirit level that it is standing evenly on the floor.  


Flooding Nightmare 


Probably the worst thing that can happen is when the washing machine floods the room it is in. If this happens, first check that the drainage outlet isn’t blocked.  See if the water level control system is operating properly.  If it isn’t, it may be the cause of the washing machine overfilling and causing flooding. Broken seals,  pump problems or a faulty door may lead to flooding. 


Affordability and Great Service 


The tips above are the little things you can do to save yourself a bit of money before calling out your local plumber .  Wayne Connell has over 22 years experience in plumbing repairs. He and his friendly team are committed to providing you with excellent service.  They are fully bonded, very reliable and clean workers. In an industry where competition is great and economic times are tough, Wayne recognizes that the emphasis is on affordability, great customer service and satisfaction. Connell Plumbing Service, Brookfield IL carries a considerable range of spare parts. This cuts down waiting times for job completion.  


Act Now 


If you had a pain in your knee you wouldn’t wait until you couldn’t walk before seeking medical advice. Treat your appliances the same way. If you see any suspicious signs, don’t delay.  ContactConnell Plumbing foraffordable, reliable and excellentplumbing repair, Brookfield ILon (708) 531-9478, now!  



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