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One of the biggest cardinal sins in causing blockage, is pouring fat down the sink. It lines the pipe walls and, a bit like cholesterol in human arteries, eventually leads to blocked pipes.  


Bad Habits Leading To Trouble 


There are several other reasons for drain blockages. Tree roots for one. Depending on the type of tree, far-flung roots can spread downwards cracking or breaking drainage pipes.  Crimes against drainage systems involve the flushing of baby nappies down the drain as well.


Such activities may come back to haunt you in the guise of a flooded bathroom, dirty, bacteria-ridden water backing up in the shower unit or bath. Sometimes, drain blockages can’t be helped with the regular use of cosmetics and hair care products. They eventually cause a build-up of pipe-blocking gunk, namely loose hair and other unmentionables. 


Hidden Dangers  


Kitchen sinks should always have a strainer covering the plug hole. The much used domestic sink is often a source of poor drain-keeping practices. Small particles of food get washed straight into the drains. The food begins to break down causing nasty smells stemming from the presence of bacteria like E-coli and Salmonella. Don’t allow this to become a health issue. If not dealt with, flood water teeming with bacteria can lead to diarrhea, stomach pains and vomiting.   


If you can’t manage to free your drains from the blockage or simply can’t face it, admit defeat. Reach for the ‘phone and call Connell Plumbing, 24-hour emergency specialists and one of the best in plumbing repair, Brookfield, IL.  You can also find these HVAC specialists under ‘Plumbing, Cook County, IL.’ 


What To Do When Flooding Occurs 


First sanitize the flooded section by pouring one standard cup of bleach to five gallons of water. Throw away contaminated items including any food in the affected area.  Keep children and pets out of the room. Next, call Wayne Connell of Connell Plumbing service, Brookfield, IL . He has more than twenty-two years experience in the industry and leads a professional team into battle with blocked drains on a daily basis.  What he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing when it comes to drains.


What you’ll get is reassurance, personal service, expertise and advice. What you won’t get is ‘cut-and-come-again’ style of workmanship. Connell’s men stay on the job until it’s done right and finished to your satisfaction. They’re housetrained too and will leave your property just as clean as they found it.  


Prevention Is Better Than Cure 


Connell’s can undertake regular drain inspections and maintenance to keep your system clean and flowing smoothly. Plumbers may be a dime a dozen, but truly reliable ones are hard to find. Even if you only need advice for now, call Connell Plumbing  at (708) 531-9478 before a blocked drainage system beats you to it!   


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