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Winter is on its way so now is the time for you to be placing your water and waste pipe system under close scrutiny. Remember, the only time a frozen pipe is not a problem, is when there is no water in it. Frozen water expands so much that it carries a pressure of more than two thousand pounds per square inch. Several thousands of gallons of water can spew forth from one pipe alone. Imagine the devastation to property following a burst pipe. Frozen pipes always need careful nursing back to health. The best people to take care of this problem are licensed and bonded HVAC specialists, Connell Plumbing, Cook County, IL.  


Important Safety Advice 


Vulnerable areas include pipes located outside and within an outer wall. This includes under-sink pipes and those found in cold crawl spaces. The most important information for you to take note of is never ever heat a frozen pipe with a blow torch. The result can be highly dangerous as water inside pipes expands when frozen and also expands when heated.  Additionally thawing out pipes using the blow torch method often lead to accidental fire starting inside the home. 


Avoiding Unnecessary Expense 


If you’ve been having drainage problems, now is the time to sort it out before freezing weather arrives. Excess water is bound to freeze, expand and cause major problems.  Give serious consideration to seeking sound advice from your local professional plumber, Wayne Connell of Connell Plumbing, Brookfield, IL.  He and his qualified staff can undertake a home or site visit to provide advice and carry out essential maintenance and repairs.  


Safe Thawing Methods 


If you find that your kitchen sink pipe has frozen, do not pour hot or boiling water down it. It may cause the pipe to burst.  Patience and a slow thaw are what are needed. To do this simply pour approximately 1 tablespoon of salt down the drain.  The salt will work its way through and gently unfreeze the blocked sink.  Allow approximately fifteen minutes for it to start working.  You can always add a bit more or another spoonful again. Remember it is salt that is used to thaw icy roads and pavements. It is, by far, the safest option.  


Easy Does It 


If you do find it absolutely necessary to thaw out a frozen pipe using methods of applying direct heat, then you should use a form of gentler heat before reaching for the blowtorch. Try a hairdryer for starters.  Start at either ends of the pipe.  There is a good reason for this tactic. If you start heating the middle section then the water will expand with nowhere to go, leading to the pipe bursting.  Bear in mind that metal pipes are the ones most likely to crack and burst as they are not flexible unlike plastic pipes which do expand a little and revert back to shape. Remember to open any closed taps to allow water to escape. 


As usual, prevention is the better option. Always wrap vulnerable pipe systems using good quality insulation to stop them from becoming frozen in the first place. You may save yourself a lot of heartache (and money) in the long run. 


When The Worst Happens 


If, however, you encounter burst pipes then call Connell Plumbing, bonded experts in plumbing repair, Brookfield, IL. at  (708) 531-9478 .  Wayne has more than twenty-two years of plumbing experience. He and his trusty team are on call for 24-hour emergency call-outs and will attend in your hour of need. They are fully bonded as well as affordable, friendly and reliable. They’ll complete every project neatly and in a timely manner with the minimum of fuss.  


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