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Winter is fast approaching and bringing with it prolonged rain and thawing snow. Your sump pump may be the last thing on your mind.  Is it a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’? You won’t think that if your basement gets flooded because the pump has developed a problem. 


What Is A Sump and Pump?


For those who need to get their first sump pump installed here’s a simple explanation of what it is. A sump is a small area, like a pit, under the basement floor, in which rising groundwater collects like a reservoir. The pump is triggered into action when the internal float (similar to that inside a toilet tank) is pushed upwards by the rising water. Many homes come with a ready installed sump pump. If, for some reason, your home doesn’t have one, your local company, Connell Plumbing specialists in plumbing repair, Brookfield, IL., can perform the installation for you at an affordable price.


 Why You May Need One


Groundwater is more likely to rise and creep into your basement in very wet and stormy weather, leaks etc. The pump for the sump reservoir collects water that may pool inside the basement and pumps it out via a large drainage pipe. There’s an internal valve that prevents the water from flowing backwards and re-flooding the area. Water is also pumped out from saturated earth below the basement, among the foundations. The pump is of absolute necessity in areas of high or regular rainfall as constant water-logging can cause the building structure to weaken and deteriorate. You would also need the pump if your house sits in a low lying area. 


Flooded Basements


You may well have valuables and precious mementoes stored in your basement. Your home office may even be down there.  If you find that your basement is flooded or there’s evidence of mold, you’ll need to contact your local plumber, immediately. Call Connell Plumbing, bonded HVAC specialists and experts in 24-hour emergency plumbing, Cook County, IL.  The owner, Wayne Connell, has well over 22 years of expertise. He and his team of specialists are everything you need in a plumbing service: friendly and reassuring, professional and clean workers. They’re dedicated to getting both you and your home back on track.


Make It A Priority


Check your sump pump now. Don’t wait until you need it only to find out that it doesn’t work properly, or at all.  Even half an inch of floodwater seeping into the basement may cause thousands of dollars of damage and a lot of heartache. Consider purchasing a back-up or secondary pump. It’s an excellent idea because it is such a vital piece of equipment. Remember, Connell Plumbing works quickly, quietly, cleanly with excellent quality workmanship. For maintenance and breakdowns call Wayne, with undue haste, at Connell Plumbing Brookfield, IL
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